How to Choose

Select the right products for your home.

Use the guides below to choose the best energy-saving lighting and showerheads to meet your needs. You’ll find energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs for most fixtures in your home.


Energy-Efficient Light Bulb Selection Guide

Follow these simple steps to choose bulbs for fixtures and lamps around your house.

1Think lumens not watts

Get more lumens and use less energy with CFLs and LEDs.


2Select your light color

Whether you want soft or bright light, CFLs and LEDs come in a range of colors. Options range from warm to cool. See our color selection guide.


3Choose your bulb

Use the LED and CFL selection guides below to choose a bulb with the right shape and features for your fixture. If your fixture has a dimmer, check the package to make sure the bulb is dimmable.

4Get the facts

Use the new label on bulb packaging.

See more on the new Lighting Facts Label.


LED Selection Guide

LEDs are a very efficient, long-lasting technology. Many can be used with dimmers.



CFL Selection Guide

CFLs are a good alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs.


ENERGY STAR® Light Fixture Options

Get discounts on select ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures in styles to match your décor.


Visit your local lighting store for details about models and pricing.

Learn more on the ENERGY STAR website.

Energy-saving Showerhead Options

Switch to a showerhead that uses two gallons of water per minute or less. You'll enjoy a great shower while you use less hot water - saving on energy and water.